All fired up

(Pictures: istock)

There’s something about huddling around an outdoor fire on a cold winter’s night – the warmth on your face, the crackle of embers, the flickering flames.

The old-fashioned camp fire has been given a modern makeover and is becoming a focal point in many backyards.

Whether it’s to recapture fond memories of camping and having a place to toast marshmallows, or to extend the use of your outdoor ‘room’, there’s an abundance of fire pits that will add ambience and warmth to your deck, patio or backyard.

Backyard fire pits are legal as long as they follow the laws and regulations of your local council. Safety should be front of mind when choosing your fire pit and where to place it.

Classic fire pit bowls are still extremely popular – they’re durable, easy to move and cost-effective. Traditionally they’ve been available in cast iron, these days you can also get them in stainless-steel, ceramic and concrete.

The bowls come in varying depths – depending on the look you’re after – and as an added bonus you can add a grill plate and use it for cooking.

Old-fashioned chimneas bring rustic charm – place a few outdoors chairs around it and sit back and watch the night sky.

Fire pits are traditionally wood-burning but there is a growing trend toward clean burning options. Ethanol products and gels are all readily available. One Melbourne company is also making biofuel logs containing recycled coffee grounds.

Trendyfikation, which monitors design trends, says a fire pit will bring identity to any space.

They can add light, heat and an interactive experience that enhances your time spent outdoors.

With the uncertainty surrounding travel at the moment, creating an atmosphere that lets you unwind and relax at home sounds like the perfect winter staycation.