Sleep easy with Forty Winks’ Leigh Keen

Leigh Keen has helped locals get a great night’s sleep for 32 years as managing director of Forty Winks Geelong.

Highton grandfather Leigh Keen has been helping locals get a great night’s sleep for more than 30 years as managing director of Forty Winks Geelong.

Leigh takes pride in finding the right mattress for customers experiencing back and neck problems or struggling to get some shuteye.

“To help solve the problem and have them come back with reports about how much better they’re sleeping – that’s very satisfying,” he says.

But with a huge range of high-quality Australian bedroom suites and furniture, he’s helping them sleep in style too.

“We’ve got a big variety of styles and designs to suit any new or renovated home,” he says.

Forty Winks stocks contemporary, upholstered and solid-timber furniture from a range of suppliers to help locals make the best use of their bedroom space.

Astra, Silver Lynx and Bespoke are just some of the brands that can add that extra touch of class or colour to the bedroom.

And his friendly staff are happy to help current or future homeowners find the right match for their bedrooms.

“They can bring in plans for sizing,” he says.

“You can look online but it’s better to come see the character and quality of the suites in person. Often what people buy online doesn’t suit or fit their home.”

Two popular trends in both adult’s and children’s bedrooms at the moment are lift-up storage and draws in bed bases.

Making use of “usually-wasted” area under the bed frees up space in the rest of the room, Leigh explains.

“It looks cleaner and neater too,” he says.

But as the store’s name suggests, its core business is providing the best night’s sleep possible, something Leigh has done since 1987.

“We’ve got third generation customers coming in now. Their parents bought mattresses here and now they’re buying mattresses for their children,” he says.

“We’ve been here for that long that we’ve got families coming back again and again.”

With the best-quality mattresses and some of Australia’s best-known brands, Leigh provides relief for those tossing and turning restlessly in bed.

“We still believe buying a mattress is a personal experience – you need to come in to find the best fit for you,” he says.

“We have the latest technology in bed-matching – matching the right bed to the right customer to give them the best night’s sleep.

“Buying online might be easy but it doesn’t always produce the best results.”

The retailer’s My Side technology also allows couples to customise each side of the mattress to suit each partner.

“That’s the biggest change in bedding over the past 20 years,” Leigh says.

“Normally you have to compromise what you like to suit both people. Now there’s no compromising in what you purchase.

“You can actually have a mattress tailor-made for you and your partner.”

And don’t forget pillows, which Leigh says are another important component in a good night’s sleep.

“It’s something most people don’t think about. We have a wide range of pillows that people can try out in the store.”