Low deposit kick-starts build

Clean, flowing lines internal spaces in Eight Homes designs.

Eight Homes requires a deposit as small as $3888 deposit to kick start the way to a brand new home.

The big difference with Eight Homes compared a lot of other builders is that it’s a low-deposit builder, Chris Carrick says.

“Whether you are a first-home buyer or not, it doesn’t really matter to us, everyone gets the same opportunity,” he says.

“It’s very straightforward for anyone who comes in. With our eight-step process, we make it easy.

“Obviously that money you save is better off in our clients’ pockets as they can earn interest in the meantime.”

Eight Homes’ $3888 deposit requires an initial deposit of $888, $1000 at sale accept and then $2000 when the contract is signed.

There are no additional payments until the slab stage.

“A lot of first-home buyers are concerned about the 5 per cent deposit,” Chris says.

“We can help them find the right block of land and we help them throughout the entire process.”

“It allows people to see what they are starting with and according to their budget, what we can offer.”

Time-frames and inclusions are all covered.

Design is obviously important, Chris says.

“We then find out if there’s anything else they have thought about or add or take out,” he says.

“It can be such a stressful thing to go through, that’s why we’ve created our eight-step process.

“It’s big dollars and it’s such a major purchase.

“We take care of the hard work.”

Chris says Eight Homes’ salespeople know exactly what a home buyer is going through.

“We put our best foot forward because we don’t want you to hate the build process, because we want you to come back and build your second and third houses with us, which happens quite a lot.”

Chris says an Eight Homes build will put you on control of the finished product.

“Every person who walks in the door has a clean slate,” he says.

“We don’t put in walls for the sake of walls.

“Eight Homes is everything you need, nothing you don’t.

“Everything is designed with a purpose.

“We listen to what our customers are coming in and telling us.

“Our eight-step process has been created to ensure the build runs smoothly.

“Our designs are created with the best features and finishes, making it easy to get a quality new home at the price you want.”