Urbanedge’s stamp of pride

Urbanedge's designs certainly have the edge in style.

The enthusiasm and absolute confidence in the final product is apparent in Urbanedge Homes sales consultant David Lowe’s voice.

His voice bubbles with pride as he talks about the process that he believes sets Urbanedge apart from the others.

“Our owner comes from a plumbing trade by background so he takes details and quality of products incredibly seriously,” David says.

“He would not let a customer move into a home unless it was good enough for him to live in as well.

“He’d be happy to live in a lot of homes because we’re delivering an incredibly high quality product.”

Nothing is set in stone when you build with Urbanedge.

They have the flexibility that just about every potential home owner craves.

“Unlike most other builders, we are happy to amend our plans,” David says.

“This is generally the biggest purchase somebody is going to make in their lives, and we believe we should try to get as close as we possibly can, to meeting our clients’ requirements.

“We can move rooms, add rooms – it’s all about what the customer wants This is why we position Urbanedge Homes in between being a volume builder and a custom builder. We take the flexibility of one and the financial benefits of the other, so that our clients get the best of both worlds.

“It’s a win-win. We know we are giving the client what they need and our process makes sure we get it right.”

David says it’s the entire sales and building process that draws customers to Urbanedge.

“You get a lot of house for the money you spend with us,” he says.

“The process, great brands, market-leading inclusions, the quality materials we use in our builds and the brilliant designs themselves are like no other.

“They’re designed to make your neighbours and friends and family jealous.”

Urbanedge also specialises in knock-down builds for when you decide that the best move of all is staying put.

“Half of our business is knock-down rebuilds,” David says.

“A lot of builders won’t build on anything other than a new estate and that’s fine, but we are always excited to be able to work on a knock-down and rebuild project.

“We work with the client and work out what they really want.

“We are all about transparency, quality, honesty and amazing design.”

David says there are no unwanted surprises further down the track, either.

“We present to the client a fixed-price quote before they sign on the dotted line,” he says.

“Building can be a daunting exercise for the client because they are spending a lot of money and there is a lot riding on us to get it right.

“It all comes down to our customer journey. We pride ourselves on doing so much for the client upfront, so that they have absolute confidence in what we are doing.”

Above all, Urbanedge Homes is with you the entire way.

“We don’t treat people as a number, we use their names when we talk about them internally, never an address or a job number. This is a close partnership between the client and Urbanedge Homes, and we want all of our clients to enjoy their journey with us,” David says.