Zeroing in on carbon emissions

The State Government hopes zero net carbon homes will contribute to lowering emissions.

The Victorian Government will partner with land developers and volume home builders in a pilot program to boost the supply of zero net carbon homes in Victorian growth areas including Geelong.

The $2.18 million Zero Net Carbon Homes pilot aims to recruit up to three partnerships between land developers and volume home builders to facilitate the design, marketing and construction of zero net carbon homes that will be sold and marketed in growth areas.

Eligible volume home builders must be able to demonstrate that they achieve more than 200 site starts a year and that they can offer the products to home buyers in Geelong, in one or more of Melbourne’s growth areas in the north, west and south east, and in the Mitchell area.

Sustainability Victoria chief Stan Krpan says the pilot program aims to make zero net carbon homes available to more Victorians and create greater awareness amongst home buyers that these homes will be cheaper to run, more environmentally friendly and more comfortable.

Sustainability Victoria will work with the volume home builders to deliver cost competitive and appealing zero net carbon homes that are available direct to the market, Mr Krpan says.

Research conducted by Sustainability Victoria has identified that zero net carbon homes will contribute to lowering emissions across the residential sector towards meeting the Victorian Government’s 2050 zero net emissions target.

The modelling shows that a new zero net carbon home could reduce greenhouse gas emissions from energy use in the home by around six tonnes a year, with the emissions from electricity and gas use offset by the electricity generated by a rooftop PV system, and almost halve energy bills compared with a standard home.

“By participating in the Zero Net Carbon Homes Pilot, builders can offer their customers homes that are affordable to heat and cool and provide year-round comfort,“ Mr Krpan says.

“Offering more zero net carbon homes will diversify our building stock, stimulate the economy and reduce bills for homeowners.“

Home builders can find more information or register to attend an information session at