Get rid of the nuisance factor

Shaun and the Geelong Pest Control Team. (Picture: Supplied)

Carole Levy

BY Carole Levy

While the pandemic has us all feeling like we’re in semi-hibernation, household pests – such as cockroaches, ants and rodents – are under no such constraints. In fact, according to Shaun Preston from Geelong Pest Control, the unwanted guests are making their presence known even more as we spend extra time at home.

Shaun’s team of four professionals has been super-busy of late and, once the warmer weather hits, the lads are expecting things to get even crazier.

“During spring and summer, we will be inundated with calls about spiders, ants, earwigs, millipedes, cockroaches, mosquitoes, scorpions and rodents,” Shaun says. “And the demand for our services is such that we’ve decided to restructure, as well as hire a new technician to join our fast-growing team.”

Family-owned Geelong Pest Control has been around for seven years now, servicing Ocean Grove, Surf Coast, Highton, Waurn Ponds, Leopold, Torquay and Geelong and beyond.

In that time, the business has established a solid reputation for its professional approach, with care for family and pet safety paramount while treatments are carried out.

Shaun also takes pride in offering customers advice that will not only eradicate pests but prevent their return.

“We approach each job with an open mind, knowing that each situation and need is different. Whether it’s a family home, commercial premises, or pre-construction, everything is thoroughly scoped out and all the processes are explained in detail before work begins.”

Shaun served in Iraq and East Timor (Timor Leste) and says the qualities instilled in him during his military service are evident in the daily running of the business.

“Having and showing respect for our client’s home, family and pets; upholding integrity in all aspects of our service and being punctual and dependable at all times are qualities our team members are committed to displaying,” Shaun says.

Geelong Pest Control offers 10 per cent off services to pension and seniors card holders and extends this discount to current and ex defence service men and women, paramedics, nurses and members of the police force, fire brigade, SES and coastguard.

Geelong Pest Control opens 8am-5pm Monday-Friday. Inquiries: 1300 147 378 or l